Eventix embraces carbon neutrality and offers organisers the chance to join them

Andy 8 December, 2021 - 2 min. read

The Dutch ticketing company, Eventix, has made the step towards carbon neutrality and offers organisers and ticket buyers the opportunity to join them in offsetting their carbon footprint by adding a new feature to their ticket shop. Early adopters at Elevation events (Soenda, Duikboot) and De Pul have seen positive results during trial runs.

Change starts by looking inward

To take the first step towards carbon neutrality, Eventix conducted a company-wide audit of its carbon footprint and identified four key points of emission: accommodation, commuting, cloud hosting servers, and business-related travel.

Once Eventix had mapped out its footprint, the company looked at how it could reduce its CO2 emissions. This led to committing to running their cloud hosting servers on renewable energy, and asking employees to be mindful of how they commute, where possible.

Trees for All

Partnering up with Trees for All, Eventix has found a way to compensate for their remaining monthly emissions. The Utrecht-based Trees for All specialises in planting trees at home and abroad, with 29 projects currently completed or in progress. Taking full advantage of Trees for All’s expertise and guidance, the ticketing company discovered several exciting projects through which to offset their emissions.

Compensation within the ticket shop

In an attempt to invite event organisers to join them and help to plant more trees, Eventix has added a non-compulsory ‘Make this order sustainable’ option to their ticket shops. This option allows ticket buyers to make a small donation of €1 when purchasing their tickets. The proceeds from this go directly to Trees for All.

Trial runs of this new feature, held in collaboration with festivals such as Soenda and Duikboot, as well as venues such as De Pul have led to very positive results. The feature is now live, and all organisers will have the opportunity to opt-in and to contribute to a more sustainable world.

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