Eventix and Fanalists work together to enable event organisers’ data-driven marketing

1 February, 2023 - 2 min. read

Eventix and Fanalists announced their newest integration this morning. The partnership between the two will allow event organisers to link their Eventix data to Fanalists, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and allowing them to organise and optimise their marketing strategies.

The link with Fanalists allows Eventix’s event organisers access to a wide range of new marketing tools, including email, SMS, WhatsApp and CDPs. By bringing data from different sources, such as webshop systems, communication channels and Eventix, together in one place, Fanalists' platform gives organisers access to a wealth of information. This enables organisers to tailor the targeting of their visitors to perfection.

"At Eventix, we strive to be the best in ticketing and believe that other specialised parties are the best at what they do. That’s why we built our system to be open so it can interface with any platform. By building integrations with the best partners in their respective fields, Eventix can offer its customers the best possible service." Says Joost Aanen, CEO Eventix. "For example, we already see that the link with Fanalists is paying off for This is Live Group."

Jasper van de Wouw, co-owner of This is Live Group: "We consider each of our 600,000 visitors unique and therefore strive for personalised and relevant marketing and communication. We do this in cooperation with Fanalists, which centralises our data, analyses it and makes it available within our marketing technology. And with Eventix, their platform provides an indispensable link between our visitors and Fanalists. This way, we ensure we don't spend unnecessary marketing costs on irrelevant campaigns and create a more pleasant customer journey for our visitors.”

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