Eventix’s rebranding signals beginning of expansion into global markets

28 July, 2021 - 3 min. read

Today, Eventix has launched its renewed visual identity and brand logo. The rebranding represents a new beginning in light of the harsh reality the event sector is currently faced with, while simultaneously clearly emphasising the ease-of-use mentality Eventix represents.

Since 2015, Eventix has encouraged its organisers to build their crowd and take advantage of its cutting-edge tools to achieve this. Today, the brand is making a leap forward by introducing a completely new visual design that will eventually be present throughout all touchpoints of the organiser’s experience. Inspired by the versatility of their organisers, the more modern look marks the first complete rebrand since the company’s founding and will more authentically represent Eventix’s values.

The announcement signals a commitment to easy-to-use tools and comes in light of recent improvements to the platform, through the addition of time slots, ticket shops with calendar function and the active expansion into both the German and Spanish markets. Eventix has always been available globally, but now includes fully localised support for German and Spanish event organisers.

The new visual identity was developed in cooperation with the Amsterdam-based design agency ‘Resoluut’. The digital design agency created Eventix’s new logo, the so-called 'Cheer'. By emulating the extended arms of a cheering crowd, this new logo evokes a universally recognisable feeling. The 'Cheer' represents the celebration of a new beginning: for Eventix, for the organisers, for their events and parties, and of course for the visitors.


Eventix has consistently stated that building a group of loyal visitors is the most important thing when organising events and therefore has decided to embrace ‘Build Your Crowd’ as their new slogan. The core belief is that organisers who spend time getting to know and understand their target group will be highly successful in selling their tickets. Eventix, in turn, focuses on developing the tools organisers need in order to build their crowd.

Joost Aanen, Eventix CEO: "For us, innovation and development are paramount. Through our rebranding, we want to demonstrate that we’re not only proudly innovative but also that we’ll soon be expanding into markets across the world.”

About Eventix:

Founded in 2015, Eventix is a ticketing platform based out of the Netherlands. Eventix strongly believes in ease-of-use, innovation and providing organisers with ownership of their data. You can find more information on their website and through Facebook or Linkedin.

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