Eventix to introduce ticketing solution to UK's vibrant event industry

7 August, 2023 - 2 min. read

Eventix is thrilled to announce its entry into the UK market. Renowned for its impressive customisation capabilities and commitment to user data control, Eventix's platform is designed to optimise conversion and provide event organisers with unparalleled control over their operations.

Following significant triumphs in Germany and Spain, as well as an exclusive partnership with the esteemed Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) for the next three years, Eventix is poised to introduce its customer-centric ticketing solution to the UK's vibrant event industry.

The platform offers an unrivalled ticket shop customisation feature, allowing organisers to tailor the look and feel of their ticket shop to their brand, enhancing the customer journey and optimising conversion rates. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for both organisers and ticket buyers alike.

"The key to growing your brand and increasing sales lies in the ability to take full control and ownership of your ticketing," said Joost Aanen, CEO of Eventix. "We look forward to enabling UK organisers to set their own rules - whether it's the aesthetics of their ticket shop, the fees, or the payout frequency. It's your shop, your rules."

Eventix offers complete transparency and control over data and tracking. This allows organisers to adjust and enhance their marketing strategies effectively based on actionable insights drawn directly from their ticket shop.

"Ownership extends to customer data, too," added Aanen. "With Eventix, you can leverage this to execute effective performance marketing, track conversion from ad campaigns to ticket sales, and foster a community of loyal attendees."

For more information on how Eventix can transform your ticketing experience and amplify your event's success, visit www.eventix.uk.

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