Paaspop has made the switch to Eventix

Andy 29 July, 2021 - 3 min. read

Paaspop, the iconic festival, has chosen to trust Eventix with its ticketing. The reason behind switching from Paylogic to Eventix is that, throughout the corona crisis, the latter has proven itself as an innovative ticketing party that is always on standby to help every organiser.

Het iconische festival Paaspop vertrouwt zijn ticketing toe aan Eventix. De reden om bij Paylogic weg te gaan en voor Eventix te kiezen is omdat laatstgenoemde zich tijdens de coronacrisis heeft laten zien als innovatieve ticketer die doorpakt en voor elke organisator klaar staat.

Paaspop, the traditional opener of the festival season

Paaspop is one of the most significant players in the world of festivals and is traditionally viewed as the opener of the festival season. In 2019, the festival set a new record for itself by attracting over 90,000 visitors. The 2020 edition was already sold-out but had to be put on hold due to COVID-19. However, the next edition is back on the calendar and will take place between the 2nd and 4th of April in 2021.

“Eventix was one of the first to have their tools for refunding up and running, which demonstrates that they can tackle any challenge. This quality, combined with the dedicated service towards both organisers and visitors, was the deciding factor in our switch to Eventix.”- Lorenzo Toffolo, General Manager Paaspop

A seamless transition

A vital consideration in the choice to switch to Eventix was the ability to transition seamlessly between ticketing parties, even in turbulent times. As such, all legacy visitor information collected by the previous ticketer has been transferred flawlessly, and no data has been lost.

Vouchers and saved tickets

Previously issued vouchers and saved tickets will simply be imported into the Eventix’ system. This way, visitors who already have a ticket for Paaspop 2021 will not notice the change.

Outstanding visitor experience

Each year, Paaspop goes above and beyond to make their festival unique, and places a lot of importance on the visitor’s experience. Eventix’ dynamic, user-friendly and tailor-made ticket shop ensures a pleasant 'customer journey' for the visitors, which fits perfectly with Paaspop’s vision.

In addition to the ease of use to purchase a ticket, Eventix offers a wide range of possibilities in the field of visitor data and related options to optimise the marketing of Paaspop. It’s essential that Paaspop fully manages the marketing data that is collected.33

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