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You can use the tool below to find your tickets. Select the payment method you used to purchase the tickets and follow the steps.

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iDEAL instructions

- Log in to your bank account
- Look through your bank statement for your ticket payment
- Copy the description and enter it into the field

- €25.00

TicketingPayments via PAY.nl

GB00 BANK 1234 5678 90



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Most frequently asked questions by ticket buyers.

How can I change the name on my ticket?

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Filled in the wrong details on a ticket? No problem. Click here to change the name on a ticket.

I haven’t received my ticket(s) yet

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If you haven’t received one or more of your purchased tickets in your inbox yet, there’s a chance that your payment is still being processed by the bank. In that case, the status page of your order will show 'Payment pending' at the top. How long this process takes depends on the chosen payment method and the speed of your bank. If the payment is successful, you will automatically receive your ticket(s) in your mailbox.

I want to personalise my ticket(s)

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When you click on the 'Download tickets' button in your confirmation email, you’ll be asked to personalise your tickets. If you’ve bought more than one ticket, you can immediately enter the other visitors’ details or invite them to do so themselves by email. The tickets can then be downloaded all at once or individually. Once personalised, all tickets will be sent to the specified email addresses. Make sure to fill in this information before the deadline.