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Who sells tickets?

There are all sorts of people, event organisers and institutions that sell tickets. Besides organisers, music venues and festivals, even the visitors themselves sell their tickets when they decide not to go to an event.

Why do event organisers sell tickets online?

Organisers sell online tickets so they can safely and securely manage the entrance to their event. If an organiser decides to sell tickets at the door with cash, there’s a much higher risk of falling prey to those with bad intentions. For event organisers who organise bigger events, this risk is even more pronounced. All the more reason to sell tickets online.

Another big advantage of selling tickets online is that the event organiser receives data about the visitors. Why is this information valuable? An event organiser can use the data to advertise to target audiences on Facebook, for example, and sell more tickets.

Where do event organisers sell tickets?

Event organisers are increasingly selling their tickets in an online ticket shop. However, there are still physical shops and places where people can purchase tickets. A music venue often still has a box office, and door sales are still a thing. Besides that, some shops which have a good relationship with a festival may also sell their tickets.

Visitors also sell tickets second-hand… but where?

Tickets are also sold and traded second-hand. This happens usually happens on Facebook or TicketSwap. TicketSwap is actually specifically built to sell tickets second-hand. TicketSwap is so reliable because of their use of SecureSwap. The SecureSwap makes sure that the QR-code of an original ticket is invalidated and a new QR-code is placed on the second-hand ticket.

There are other places where second-hand tickets for events are sold, but we would advise against using any of them. We cannot guarantee the validity of tickets sold by any other party than Eventix or TicketSwap.

How do event organisers sell tickets through Eventix?

Event organisers sell tickets through the online Eventix ticket shop. These tickets can be downloaded on any device and don’t need to be printed. If an organiser wants to have hardcopy tickets anyway, you can make use of one of Eventix’ partners to print the tickets.

What tickets can you sell with Eventix?

By using Eventix you can sell any ticket imaginable. Better yet, Eventix advises you to sell optional products through the ticket shop as well. By selling optional products through the ticket shop you create a central hub for visitors to make all their purchases for an event before it starts. Offering optional products is also known as ‘upselling’. In the Eventix case about our partnership with WECANDANCE, you can see how WECANDANCE has used upselling and how their optional products generated an increased revenue.

How is the price of a ticket determined?

When determining the price of a ticket, there are a number of things to be considered. The first thing is that an organiser spends money organising an event; for the artists, the location, production, lights, crew and everything else you need to organise a successful event. As an event organiser, you’ll want to earn this money back.

For an event organiser, ticket sales are usually the most important source of income for an event. When it comes to ticket sales, organisers want to make sure that they break-even. That is to say, that their revenue is equal to their investment.

Next, an organiser checks the break-even point and how this will affect the price of a ticket. Each event organiser has their own strategy when it comes to this. Eventix allows organisers to determine their own ticket price.

What costs are involved when it comes to selling tickets?

At Eventix the costs for a standard event are €1,- per sold ticket. Besides this, there is the VAT (Value Added Tax). Always check your national tax website or contact your local tax office when organising an event to ensure you are in compliance with whatever tax laws may apply to your event. If you want more information about the costs of selling tickets, check out our guide on taxation.

What is the definition of conversion when selling tickets?

The definition of conversion is any action taken by a visitor, such as entering their personal details into the online ticket shop. This is a soft conversion. In the case of ticket sales, a conversion is when a visitor purchases a ticket. This is called a hard conversion and is the cornerstone of the revenue from your ticket sales.

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How do you sell tickets with a high conversion?

A handy tool for the measuring of conversion is the Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you can place on your website. If you sell your tickets through Eventix, you can place it in your Eventix ticket shop. With the data collected through the Facebook Pixel, you can target audiences more accurately.

To increase your conversion when you are selling tickets, we advise making the ‘customer journey’ as smooth as possible. The customer journey is the route a customer takes while purchasing a ticket. The easier the customer journey, the greater the chance that an event organiser will sell more tickets.

The Eventix ticket shops are user-friendly. The language in the ticket shops changes automatically to match the user’s browser. Besides, visitors don’t need a username and password to order tickets, they only need an email address. The ticket shop will remember even remember the visitor’s details for the next time.

Furthermore, Eventix gives you the possibility to personalise your ticket shop. Choose the colours of the ticket shop according to your branding ad upload your custom design for your ticket background. You can find the dimensions for your ticket background on the Eventix Ticket Template and get your ticket sales started.

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