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The different types of tickets that go on sale for an event

There are all sorts of different tickets that can be sold for an event. Even if you only consider the different phases of ticket sales, such as ‘early bird’, ‘regular’ and ‘late’ tickets. Besides these, there are so many more; group tickets, VIP-tickets and combi tickets, for example.

In principle, you could sell a visitor anything they need with a ticket: Lockers, parking tickets, and food and drink tickets, for instance. Eventix allows you to sell any type of ticket you want, without any extra charges. In fact, we recommend you add optional tickets to your ticket shop so you can increase your revenue before the event.

If you want to sell all sorts of tickets and optional products, we will compile all the purchases made by a visitor into a single scannable QR-code. By doing so, the buying process is made easy for visitors and the entrance management should go smoothly.

How do you deal with tickets that have been sold second-hand?

Visitors can sell their tickets for an event in different ways. The most common platform is TicketSwap, a tool which was specially designed to safely and securely sell tickets second-hand. Eventix and TicketSwap have a partnership which supports SecureSwap. The SecureSwap system makes sure that the QR-code of the second-hand ticket is invalidated and is replaced with a new scannable QR-code.

Receive increased revenue from your ticket sales

Want to receive more turnover from your ticket sales? Yes, please! But how do you go about generating more revenue when selling tickets for an event? The best way to go about it is through upselling. Upselling is done by adding more products to the Eventix ticket shop.

As you may have read before, Eventix recommends that you offer optional products alongside your normal tickets. For example, if you add lockers and food and drinks tokens to your ticket shop, your visitors can arrive at your event well-prepared. One of the big advantages of offering food and drinks tokens in the ticket shop is that fewer people will need to stand in line for tokens at the event. Allowing your visitors to have more time at your event means more time spent drinking and eating, which in turn means more revenue for you. We’re seeing that events that have added optional products to their ticket shops are generating more revenue than previous editions.

The use of coupon codes at your event

When it comes to selling tickets, you can choose to make use of coupon codes. Whether you want to reward your loyal visitors or entice inactive members on your mailing list, coupon codes are ideal. Coupon codes are the perfect promotional material for your event. By using Eventix, you can create unique coupon codes and spread them through different channels (your mailing list for example). You can then use the data to measure conversion on these different channels.

Scanning tickets at the event

On the day of the event, your visitors are going to start showing up at your entrance. Of course, as an event organiser, you want the entrance management to go as smoothly as possible. To help you along, we created our very own Eventix Scan App. Our scan app can turn any smartphone or tablet into a user-friendly and lightning-quick scanner that makes short work of long queues.

Of course, you can scan the tickets yourself. The only thing you need is a smartphone or tablet to download the Eventix Scan App onto. If you need help with the entrance management at your event, you can request professional entrance managers through the Eventix Marketplace.

Ticket sales as a basis for advertising

Once your ticket sales for your event go live, your visitors will hopefully purchase tickets. When visitors make a purchase, they leave valuable data behind. Since you have information about your visitors, you have information about your target audience. If you want to start advertising through Facebook, you have the opportunity to use that data to create Custom Audiences. Facebook also allows you to create lookalike target groups, which creates a new audience based on the demographic data gathered from your current attendees.

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Styling of your ticket(s) and ticket shop

At Eventix, we think it’s important that you decide what the styling of your ticket(s) and ticket shop looks like. You can use the colours of your branding for the ticket shop and put designers to work on creating a custom ticket background. You can find the dimensions of the ticket background in our Eventix Ticket Template.

Selling tickets to your event through a Custom Shop

You can take the styling of your shop one step further by using the Custom Shop that Eventix offers. Create designs based on what you would like the ticket shop to look like and send them to us. Eventix will bridge the gap between the designs and a user-friendly ticket shop that is ready to sell tickets. By following these links, you can see a couple of the Custom Shops created by Eventix:
Ticket shop: WeCanDance
Ticket shop: Gebr. de Nobel

Spread your tickets through Songkick

Besides Eventix’ online ticket shop and other common channels, such as Facebook, there is another option to promote the tickets for your event, namely through Songkick. Songkick is a tool that makes it easy for artists to sell tickets through Spotify, Shazam and SoundCloud. By utilising the integration between Eventix and Songkick, you can spread your tickets among a broader audience.

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