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Selling tickets through an online ticket shop

The different tickets that you can sell online

If you’re organising an event, there are different types of tickets that you can sell online. Tickets with discount, camping tickets, bus tickets. At Eventix you can add all the types of tickets you would like to sell to your ticket shop without extra charges. Eventix believes that everyone who organises an event should be able to decide which tickets they would like to use. By using our ‘Ticket Collapses’ you can make groups and pick the order of the tickets in the ticket shop.

Events and online ticket sales

Events come in all sizes, big and small. There’s all manner of things visitors can buy tickets for; from workshops to congresses to festivals. By using Eventix you can provide tickets to any event imaginable!

The online ticket shop

Ticket sales have changed drastically in recent years. The amount of tickets sold online has nearly doubled since 2012, from 25,5% to 47,7% in 2019.

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People are increasingly buying their tickets in an online environment, namely the online ticket shop. Visitors want to decide when to buy a ticket themselves and don’t want to be restricted by opening hours. Nowadays, a visitor might want to buy their ticket online while streaming their favourite show on Netflix. That doesn’t mean physical tickets are a thing of the past though! Hardcopy tickets will likely become more of a premium product; some visitors like to have something tangible which can add to the experience of your event.

The styling of an online ticket shop

Being able to sell tickets online, opens up possibilities for showing off your event’s branding. You could change the styling of the ticket shop, for example. By changing the style and colours of your online ticket shop to match your branding, you can make it part of the overall experience of your event.

Design your (online) ticket

Eventix allows you to choose your own design to serve as your ticket background. By giving your ticket a custom background that matches your branding, you contribute to your visitors’ experience of your event. The more you flaunt your branding and event, the more likely it becomes that people will remember it. You can make sure a message or feeling sticks by using repetition. You can find the measurements of the design in the Eventix Ticket Template.

Upselling with an online ticket shop

Besides selling tickets, you can increase your revenue through upselling. In the case of online ticket sales, upselling is achieved by adding additional products to the ticket shop. We’ve noticed that most event organisers who make use of upselling have been able to significantly increase their turnover. In the WECANDANCE ticket shop, you can see how upselling has been worked into the customer journey.

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Selling ticket online securely

If you sell tickets online, you want it to be reliable and safe. At Eventix we make sure that you can sell your tickets in a secure environment. Besides that, Eventix protects the privacy and data of event organisers. Personal data gathered from online ticket sales are collected and processed according to GDPR guidelines.

Paying out the revenue of online tickets

Eventix is flexible when it comes to paying out the revenue from your online ticket sales. Each event organiser has different preferences when it comes to receiving their ticket revenue. That’s why we let organisers decide how often they want to receive their payments. We pay the organiser when they want, not after the event or on a single day each month, unless that’s what they want of course!

Sell tickets online without a contract

Eventix wants everyone to have the opportunity to sell tickets without a contract. We want to keep the bar low so anybody can organise an event without too much administration. In the case of Eventix, this means no contract, no hidden costs and no administrative hassle.

Start selling tickets in six easy steps

Using Eventix, you can get your ticket sales started in six easy steps. On the Eventix Help Centre, you can find a guide on how to get started with Eventix. In this guide, you can read the most important issues you need to consider when it comes to selling tickets online.

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