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Sell tickets with our advanced ticket system

Festivals, congresses and theme parks are just a small selection of the many festivals you and I buy tickets for. Buying tickets happens through a ticket system, but what is a ticket system? And what does Eventix’ ticket system have to offer? You can read it on our blog!

Why do you use a ticket system?

Using a ticket system comes with a lot of advantages. You could always, take your cash register and a pin device, go and sit at your event’s entrance and make visitors pay one by one as they enter. I imagine you’re seeing just how impractical such a system would be.

A ticket system is more than just selling tickets. It’s a service that gives event organisers peace of mind. What’s more, is that there are a number of advantages to using a ticket system:

It’s safe(r) and less susceptible to fraud. Discussions about who paid and who didn’t are a thing of the past.

Online tickets:

Keeping sustainability in mind, we make sure visitors receive their tickets in their mailbox right away

No closing time

Whether a visitor wants to purchase a ticket at 7 in the morning or 11 in the evening; an online ticket system is always open.

What does Eventix’ ticket system have to offer?


Eventix’ ticket system offers a flexible, user-friendly and quick way to sell tickets. The most important thing to note is that Eventix is a self-service platform. The Eventix Dashboard and the corresponding guides in the Eventix Help Centre ensure that an event organiser can get started on their own.

Expanding the possibilities

The Eventix ticket system comes with a number of possibilities. You change the colours of a ticket shop, you upload a ticket background and use the vast possibilities our system has to offer.

Flexible payouts

We have written about flexible payouts in the past. We think a smooth way of paying should be a part of Eventix. That’s why our standard frequency of paying out your ticket revenue is weekly. Most organisers have a preference when it comes to their payouts and our ticket system allows them to decide when they to be paid.

Insight in your data

Unlike other ticket systems, that data about your visitors is yours to have. This data is invaluable if you want to show ads on Facebook or use Direct Mailing to keep people updated about your event.

Preventing fraud

Eventix’ ticket system is set up in such a way that the opportunities to fraud are very limited and will remain so. One of the most effective measures we’ve taken is our integration with TicketSwap’s SecureSwap. The SecureSwap ensures that a new QR-code is printed onto the second-hand Eventix Ticket and the old QR-code from the original ticket is invalidated. Besides the measures we already take, we keep developing new solutions to prevent fraud from occurring.

Besides offering a ticket system we try to help organisers with the question of how to sell more tickets by writing blogs about event marketing, for example. We don’t believe in traditional ticket systems and will do everything within our power to help you sell as many tickets as possible. To achieve this, we listen to you!

Free tickets, paid tickets & the guest list

Eventix offers three different types of tickets; free tickets, paid tickets and tickets for the guest list. Free tickets don’t have service costs. If you don’t get any revenue from your ticket sales, we don’t calculate any costs. For paid tickets, you pay the lowest service costs, namely €1 per sold ticket. The guest list is ideal for loyal fans handing out accreditation to the press and photographers. You can send people invites to the guest list individually or in groups.

Connect to the Eventix ticket system flexibly

The foundation of the Eventix system is the open API that it’s built on. We don’t want to bore you to death with technical terms, so to keep it short; the API allows us to connect our system with external systems such as Zapier, which is great for you!

Zapier is a tool that links two programs together. Imagine you connected your ticket shop to a mailing list in MailChimp and a visitor purchases a ticket. The e-mail address, name and additional visitor information will automatically be added to the mailing list, without you needing to lift a finger!

A custom ticket shop

You might decide that you want to design a ticket shop in your own style, which is one of the things Eventix’ ticket system can offer. Bring us your designs, and before you know it you’ll be selling tickets from your own user-friendly and entirely custom ticket shop, like the one we made for WECANDANCE.

Optional products

As an event organiser, you can add optional products such as coins, parking tickets and camping tickets to a ticket shop. You can keep this neat and tidy by using Collapses, which allows you to add tickets to different sections and to sort them.

EVENTIX TIP: Increase your revenue with optional products

*We’re seeing that event organisers who add optional products to the ticket shop are having a solid increase in revenue compared to previous editions. Offer a little bit of a discount for bundles of tokens (20+2 for free) and visitors won’t have to wait in lines to buy their tokens at the event itself.*

The sustainable ticket system

We’re constantly trying to make our ticket system more sustainable. We do this by:

Recommend the use of e-tickets

Sometimes visitors ask if they should print their ticket. They don’t have to, and we always recommend they use the electronic version.

Use less ink on our tickets:

If you zoom in on a ticket, you’ll see that the font isn’t solid, but is made up of little circles. We do this so that if someone does print their ticket, they save a little bit of ink. Every little helps.

Remove all unnecessary apps from our lightning-quick scanners

We remove all the unnecessary programs from our scanners. That way we make sure the battery lasts longer and the scanners don’t need to be charged as often.

Reuse boxes when we post our scanners.

We send out dozens of scanners every week. We try to reuse as many boxes as possible without buying new ones.

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